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December 2015 Archives

Man faces felony charges re attempted robbery of gas station

Whenever a masked man is sought for a robbery or attempted robbery, an arrest must be looked at carefully by criminal defense counsel because of the potential of a mistaken identification. In Dutchess County, the police arrested a 26-year-old Hyde Park male on felony charges of attempted robbery and criminal use of a firearm for the alleged attempt to rob a gas station owner with the use of a shotgun. The New York State Police report that a masked man entered the store with a firearm and demanded money.

Man awaits extradition to face sex offenses charges in New York

When a fugitive from one state is arrested in another state, the accused person will decide whether to contest or to waive extradition. In a current case, a New York man was arrested in another state on a warrant from this state that alleges sex offenses against him. He is in custody in that state awaiting extradition proceedings.

Officer causes accident, charged with drunk driving and speeding

The DWI defendant is entitled to a vigorous defense in court just like any other individual accused of crime. Attorneys who are experienced in this area of New York criminal law are familiar with a variety of defenses applicable in drunk driving cases. DWI defense counsel are also adept at negotiating plea agreements that contain appropriate concessions for contrite defendants who are intent on cooperating and seeking rehabilitative services.

Criminal defense may rest on extreme emotional disturbance

A defendant accused of second degree murder will sometimes interject one or more defenses to get the murder charge reduced to manslaughter. In New York, for example, one statutory provision provides that a defendant charged with intentional murder may present an affirmative criminal defense that, at the time of the killing, he suffered from an "extreme emotional disturbance." He or she may then also prove that there is a "reasonable explanation or excuse" for the suspect actions.

More FIFA officials hit with felony charges by Justice Dept.

When the United States wants to charge alleged offenders located in other countries, it must show that there is legal authority to prosecute them in this country. The general rule is that there must be a link between the alleged criminal actions and the United States. In the case of officials of FIFA, the governing body for worldwide soccer, the government alleged that the felony charges leveled in May were justified due to the use of American banks in the scheme. The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York charged those defendants with taking millions in bribes, kickbacks and the commission of other criminally fraudulent acts.

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