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August 2015 Archives

Arson felony charges pursued for destroyed thruway salt shed

The crime of arson is generally the intentional setting on fire or bombing of the building or real property of another. The least serious arson charge in New York state is arson in the fifth degree, a misdemeanor charge. Arson in first through fourth degrees are all felony charges with differing punishments.

Visitors face felony charges on innocent gun violations

New York state's gun control laws are downright unfriendly to visitors from other states that have a more liberal concealed gun policy. For example, one former Marine from another state was arrested when trying to enter the Sept. 11 Memorial with two licensed guns in her backpack. She reported the guns to the security staff, but they arrested her on the spot for felony charges under the state gun laws. She found herself facing 3 ½ to 15 years in prison for doing something perfectly legal in her own state.

18 arrested on drug charges in Rockland County sweep

A big drug sweep in which 18 persons were arrested culminated several months of an investigation by authorities in Rockland County. The accused individuals are facing various drug charges, including selling one or more of the following: cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs like oxycodone. Several small New York towns in the county were targeted by the Rockland County Drug Task Force over the past several months.

Drunk driving conviction in New York can carry serious penalties

If you have been arrested and charged with intoxicated driving in New York, you might have need of legal assistance as you prepare to face the charges against you. Many times, just being accused of such a crime has negative and long-lasting effects on someone's personal and professional life. A drunk driving conviction can carry very serious penalties, including incarceration and substantial monetary fines. Therefore, it is typically prudent to seek consultation with a criminal lawyer who has experience in DUI and DWI cases.

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