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How could a DUI affect my future employment in New York?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | DWI |

Those who face DUI charges here in New York likely know the seriousness of their situation. What many people may not be aware of is that a DUI conviction — or even just a charge — can affect other facets of their lives as well. For instance, many employers will conduct a background check as part of a precursor to employment. A drunk driving offense on one’s record has the potential to affect that, but knowing precisely how that happens may help those who are affected.

Employers have varied reasons to conduct background checks before hiring an employee. These checks can include records regarding driving, criminal charges, convictions, court reports, incarceration and others. The prevalence of the internet in today’s world makes it even easier for employers to quickly check the history of anyone they choose, thanks to social media and online records.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act — which is applicable in every state — dictates that arrests can not stay on a person’s record for longer than seven years, but convictions could be listed forever. As for the state of New York, employers can refuse to employ someone who has a conviction on his or her record, though they have to prove that the conviction would be relevant to the specific job. DUI convictions for the past 10 years must be made known if the person is running for public office or wishes to obtain a professional license. Even with all these factors, though a DUI conviction may figure into an employer’s decision to hire someone, it does not mean that the employer will not ultimately give that person the job.

Those who have a drunk driving conviction on their record should not lose hope. If they are honest about a past criminal conviction, it is possible a potential employer will be appreciative and decide to hire the person based on other factors. Anyone facing [url=‘http://dui.findlaw.com/dui-cases/dui-and-employment-background-checks.html ‘]DUI charges[/url] will want to have a thorough understanding of how it may affect their future in order to facilitate as positive an outcome as possible.

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