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Plea deal offered to young man in New York fatal DUI crash

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | DWI |

A young driver that police believe to have been driving while intoxicated has recently been offered a plea deal in relation to his involvement in an accident that occurred in June in which two people were killed. New York police believe that the young man caused the accident because he was DUI. The young man is also facing charges for allegedly leaving the scene of the accident.

According to the report, the young man was driving on the New York State Thruway in June of this year. He was allegedly talking on his cellphone with his girlfriend, and the two were arguing while he was driving. The report does not specifically state how, but the young man supposedly slammed into a motorcycle carrying two passengers. Both passengers of the motorcycle were killed due to their injuries, and the young driver supposedly left the scene of the accident.

Not only does the report not describe how police were able to catch the driver, but also the report does not say why the young man was arrested for DUI. The report does not disclose anything about whether any field sobriety tests were given or if a blood test was taken. The report also does not detail the driver’s official charges.

The young man was offered a plea deal in exchange for a guilty plea, although what official charge he has plead guilty to was not given in the article. If he decides to take the deal, the young man will face between six and 18 years in prison due to his supposed involvement in the car accident. Regardless of whether a plea deal is offered or not, it is important for people facing DUI charges in New York to do all that they can to be assured fair and unbiased criminal proceedings.

Source: News 12 Long Island, Luis Munoz, suspect in crash that killed LI couple, offered plea deal, No author, Oct. 7, 2013


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