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New York man facing charges of driving while intoxicated

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | DWI |

Many criminal and driving while intoxicated cases are heard daily in our court system. Sadly, many of these cases include tragic situations such as a recent one involving a man and a toddler. Following what has been described as a terrible accident, A New York man is facing charges of driving while intoxicated.

A toddler and his mother were walking back from the market when the man hit the toddler. The man stopped approximately a block away and ran back to the boy to provide assistance. After saying he did not see the boy, he and the boy’s mother placed the toddler into his SUV and took him to a nearby medical facility. Unfortunately, the toddler was pronounced dead. Police arrested the driver at the hospital and he was later charged with multiple charges.

This is a case that is tragic for all involved. Unfortunately, the man made what appears to be a poor choice while driving under the influence, but is now faced with having to live with taking the life of a toddler. It is unknown if the man could receive any relief in court for stopping and providing aide after not seeing the boy.

This man as well as any other New York resident facing charges of driving while intoxicated may benefit from taking a proactive approach to their defense. Researching and understanding the applicable state laws can be crucial when moving forward with their case. Serious consequences can result when a criminal conviction is obtained, but when a person understands their rights and knows what to expect, they can move forward with a hopeful attitude that a fair sentence will be handed down. In other cases, insufficient evidence or procedural problems with the government’s proof may require a dismissal of any pending charges.

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