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August 2013 Archives

Felony charges filed against New York City police officer

Aug. 4, 2012, may be a day that one New York City police officer wishes he could go back and do over. On that day, the officer arrested a photographer from the New York Times for taking pictures during the arrest of a teenager that was believed to have been involved in a fight. The officer is now facing felony charges in connection with his arrest of that photographer.

New York drug charges: Did ice cream man sell drugs to cops?

The fact that drugs are being sold on the streets probably doesn't come as a surprise to many residents. Because of this, police have advanced their use of technology as well as their technique in conducting investigations. The selling of illegal items has become a complicated issue and at times, plans are elaborate. A recent story involving a New York man who was allegedly using his ice cream truck to sell drugs has made headlines and grabbed the attention of many.

New York man accused of sex offenses has record of prior crimes

When an individual has been accused of sex offenses, regardless of whether or not those accusations are true, he or she will face intense criticism from employers, from the community, and from non-supportive family members. Also should a New York resident have one or more convictions relating to sex offenses on his or her criminal record, police may be eager to accuse the person a second time. Sometimes the charges brought against an alleged sex offender are factually and legally unfounded and they can be challenged or thrown out by way of a strategic criminal defense.

Alleged prank of 2 New York teenagers nets felony charges

The public often appears quick to judge when criminal allegations are brought against New York citizens, and even more so if the charges brought are felony charges. The judicial system can be very confusing, especially for juveniles. Even if they are not proven guilty of the felony charges that are alleged, being thrown into the criminal system can be a life-changing event.

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