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New York drug charges: Did ice cream man sell drugs to cops?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Drug Charges |

The fact that drugs are being sold on the streets probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many residents. Because of this, police have advanced their use of technology as well as their technique in conducting investigations. The selling of illegal items has become a complicated issue and at times, plans are elaborate. A recent story involving a New York man who was allegedly using his ice cream truck to sell drugs has made headlines and grabbed the attention of many.

The man was arrested and charged with drug charges after being caught dealing cocaine to an undercover officer. The man was allegedly using an ice cream truck to distribute the drug. According to police officials an officer requested a vanilla ice cream cone and also purchased $830 worth of cocaine.

Police also said that an undercover officer purchased drugs at a deli owned by the same man a couple of months earlier. His ice cream truck was privately owned and was not part of a major corporation. He was arraigned for the crime the following day.

Any New York resident facing drug charges may benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights within the applicable state laws. While these are serious charges, the man may very well be able to answer the charges and maintain his freedom. Factors such as previous charges, as well as the specific details of the current circumstances, may come into play during the prosecution of these criminal allegations. With knowledge of one’s rights and the right help to ensure those protections are honored, an accused individual can be more hopeful for a fair outcome.

Source: ABC News, “Man charged with selling drugs out of ice cream truck in Brooklyn,” Aug. 6, 2013


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