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Accused of driving dangerously while drunk? Learn your options

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

You didn’t think that you had done anything wrong, but an officer pulled you over and claimed you had been weaving in and out of traffic. They started accusing you of racing another vehicle that had been driving the same route in the next lane. You had no idea what the officer was talking about.

Since you were driving so recklessly, according to the officer, they decided to take a breath test. That showed that you had a blood alcohol concentration of .05%, which you didn’t think was high enough to result in a DUI. Unfortunately, you were still arrested based on the claim that you were not driving safely.

Situations like this one happen all the time, and it’s important for you to know that you do have legal options. If you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s absolutely your right to argue against fines and penalties that you don’t deserve.

A good criminal defense attorney will work with you to overcome wrongful allegations of a DUI and reckless driving. It’s possible that the charges could be dropped, altered or lessened, so that you can minimize the penalties that you face. Your attorney will work hard to find out if there is evidence against you. If there is, they will find out what it is, so that you have a good opportunity to build a defense that addresses it.

Our website has more information on what steps you should take if you’ve been accused of a DUI or other criminal acts. A solid defense can make a difference in your case’s outcome.


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