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A good defense can make a difference in a DWI case

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | DWI |

Did you know that around 40% of all collisions with fatalities involve alcohol? According to the Administrative Office of the Courts, drivers who have a blood alcohol content of .02% to .05% are up to seven times more likely to be killed in a crash.

Despite that, people do drive while intoxicated. You may have been one of them. Now, you could be facing a DWI.

It’s important to understand that the penalties for a DWI are harsh for a reason. The court system wants to make sure that people don’t drive while intoxicated, and harsh penalties are a deterrent.

Should you defend yourself if you knew you had been drinking?

You should always defend yourself. Drinking alcohol isn’t against the law. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and you may not have crashed or driven in a dangerous way just because of alcohol. Regardless of the reason for the DUI stop, you have a right to defend yourself and should.

Others around me drink more, but I’m the one who ended up with a DUI accusation. Why?

Remember that the way alcohol affects you may vary from how it affects other people. Your gender, body weight, how much food you’ve had to eat and many other factors play a role in your level of intoxication. To be safe, never drive if you’ve been drinking, no matter how much you’ve had.

On top of that, officers may not have come across someone else who was drinking and driving. In your situation, it’s best to focus on your defense and to understand how to avoid this situation in the future.

If you are facing a DWI charge, you can still defend yourself. It’s your right, and you should do what you can to minimize the impact of these charges.


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