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What are some good reasons to work with a defense attorney?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

You know that the fact that you’re facing a criminal charge is serious, so you’ve looked into working with an attorney. You also know that you have the potential to represent yourself, which costs less and, you believe, is a possible option.

It’s truly better to work with someone else if you’re facing criminal charges, not just because you deserve to have someone else on your side. Working with an attorney means that you can rest easier knowing that they are familiar with the law and will take steps to protect your interests.

What are three good reasons to work with a criminal defense attorney?

One great reason is because not having an attorney could end up costing you much more than anticipated. Not having an attorney working with you could mean making errors that land you in prison for longer or that result in heavier fines than an attorney could have negotiated for you.

Another good reason is to have someone who can challenge evidence for you. Your attorney will look at the evidence that is currently being reviewed and make sure that it is not used if it was improperly obtained. Evidence that is not collected legally may be able to be suppressed.

Finally, remember that filling out any of the wrong information during the case could result in you losing your case. There are deadlines and protocols to follow so not following through could completely ruin your case.

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