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Passenger cars are often less safe than trucks in a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you ask most drivers who is likelier to get killed in a crash between a passenger car and a truck, most would likely respond that the person operating the former would be less apt to survive. Would you know what to say when asked why this is the case though?

Aside from the obvious that trucks and cars are different in size, their difference in structure and weight means that they both absorb the force of a crash differently. If a lighter passenger car collides with a heavier pickup or semi, then the energy is going to absorbed better by the truck. The lighter passenger car is, the likelier it is that it’ll be crushed.

When it comes to solo crashes such as rollovers, though, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) or trucks are more apt to be involved in those than a passenger car is. This is due in large part to their narrower profile and the fact that they tend to sit up higher off the ground.

Crashes that happen between a car and a semi-truck often hurts the driver and damages their vehicle. The trucker often walks away unscathed. One of the riskier types of behaviors that motorists engage in that results in them being struck by truck drivers is riding in their blind spots. Other crashes are caused by drunk, reckless or otherwise distracted motorists.

If you’ve ever seen a car that’s been struck by a truck, then you likely can imagine that the aftermath of truck accidents can be devastating. In the most serious cases, you’ll want to have a knowledgeable and trial-proven Mahopac attorney on your side to provide the caring, dedicated counsel that you need.


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