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Police arrest and charge road rage suspect on felony charges

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Felonies |

The New York State Police are not running out of road rage incidents to investigate. It may be that medical science should be doing the bulk of the investigating to try and determine what snaps in some drivers minds that leads to so many of these events. A recent wild confrontation leading to felony charges was captured on video when a driver stopped his car next to another car on the shoulder of I-87 in Ramapo. 

The driver got out of his car with a baseball bat in hand and came menacingly toward the operator of the other car. He smashed the driver’s door window and rear-view mirror and started to walk back toward his car. However, the other driver followed him, yelling, “What are you, nuts? What did I do to you?”

That challenge to the man’s sanity resulted in his turning around and chasing the victim with his baseball bat. The aggressor stopped the attack and went back to his car, where he had a female passenger. The victim appears to have also lost control by that point. He went up to the aggressor’s car and yelled into it, telling the woman that he just “destroyed my brand-new car, you idiot.”

The New York State Police caught up with the offender and arrested the 36-year-old Woodmere man on felony charges. The police are still investigating the cause of the incident as no facts appear to be currently confirmed. All that can be said in defense of the suspect is that he did walk away, twice. However, if the reports and videos are proved accurate, he also destroyed the driver’s window and the rear-view window, followed by chasing the victim with his bat. The existence of extenuating circumstances or a defense for the suspect will have to wait until defense counsel meets with him and conducts a thorough investigation.

Source: CBS New York, “Road Rage Bat Attack Suspect In Custody“, April 19, 2018


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