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Cocaine possession problem arises for airline worker in New York

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Most flight attendants in New York would agree that such work can be extremely stressful and challenging. While typical aggravations on the may have more to do with customer relations and air turbulence, other types of problems can arise as well. For one airline worker who recently flew into JFK airport, allegations of cocaine possession interfered with his workday.  

The man in question was working as an attendant for Fly Jamaica Airways when the incident occurred. Customs and Border Protection officers at the New York airport searched his person. Moments later, they claimed to have found illegal drugs strapped to the flight worker’s legs.  

The man was arrested and is now facing drug charges. Authorities claim he had close to 10 pounds of cocaine attached to his body. The drugs they allege the worker had on him are estimated to be worth approximately $160,000 on the street.

Even though it may be odd to have packages tied around one’s legs, this fact alone would unlikely be considered sufficient evidence to convict someone of cocaine possession. Prosecutors must prove that the packages taken into police custody did, in fact, contain cocaine. Therefore, they must not only formally document for the court the exact substance officers collected at the scene, they must also provide chemical test results to prove the substance is cocaine. Many people in New York and beyond have successfully avoided convictions when prosecutors fail to prove their cases, which is why it’s always best to try to build as strong a defense as possible before heading to court.  

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