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3 facing drug charges in New York following home search

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Drug Charges |

One can only imagine the startling effect a sudden knock at the door at approximately 5 a.m. might have on those residing inside the home. Several people in a small New York village now know exactly what that is like because it happened to them on a recent Thursday. The events that unfolded from that point on did not end up in their favor. Three people from the residence are now facing drug charges.

Those knocking on the door included various officers from two special police response teams and a state K-9 unit. The reportedly had a search warrant to enter the residence. Stories of past police searches have suggested that officers aren’t always careful about what they’re doing when rummaging through people’s personal belongings and household rooms.

In this case, the search ended with officers placing three people under arrest. An unidentified woman was charged with a misdemeanor drug crime. Another woman, age 26, faces several counts of drug possession charges and also child endangerment. A 37-year-old woman who was among those arrested is accused of crimes including felony controlled substance possession, possession of illegal drug paraphernalia and endangering a minor.

The woman facing misdemeanor charges was released following her arraignment. The other women were arraigned then sent to separate correctional facilities in lieu of cash bail or bail bonds. In New York or elsewhere, just because several people are facing similar drug charges does not mean the ultimate outcomes of their situations will be exactly the same. Each person is guaranteed the right to retain criminal defense assistance to try to avoid conviction.

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