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Police say man facing drug charges is a Mexican ‘kingpin’

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A 41-year-old man was recently indicted and scheduled for arraignment regarding a situation that occurred last year. Authorities say the man in question is a drug kingpin who was trafficking illegal drugs to New York. He was arrested at Penn Station in Manhattan regarding serious drug charges filed against him.

Police say an undercover narcotics agent arranged a meeting with the man. An exchange of money was allegedly supposed to take place, the unidentified officer paying for a shipment of fentanyl. The officer says the man promised to sell it to him for approximately $45,000 per kilo.

The man’s arrest in Manhattan was part of a sting that also included searches of several premises. Authorities claim that more than 44 pounds of fentanyl were seized from a Bronx hotel and a residence in upper Manhattan. Investigators say the man they arrested led a drug operation that funneled fentanyl into Arizona and California by trucks, cars and other means and, from there, on to New York.

Just someone is arrested for drug charges in New York does not necessarily mean that a conviction will be handed down. Any number of factors can affect the ultimate outcome of a particular case. For instance, if a police officer violates a defendant’s rights, a request to dismiss a case can be filed or a challenge against a portion or all  evidence submitted in court may be made. Those who hope to maximize their potential for obtaining positive results usually act alongside experienced and aggressive legal representation.

Source: CBS New York, “Mexican ‘Drug Kingpin’ Nabbed In Huge NYC Fentanyl Bust“, March 27, 2018


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