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Major drug raid resulted in many arrests and drug charges

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Drug Charges |

New York police say one of their recent drug investigations was successful. That may not be the exact word 16 people now facing drug charges would use to describe the incident. The arrests were part of an extensive investigation known as, “Operation Yellow Brick Road.”

Police say they used wiretaps in their investigation as well as surveillance cameras and undercover units. Officers say they were serving a search warrant at a particular residence on a recent Tuesday when one of the people inside the home allegedly began flushing a substance down the toilet. Police later claimed the substance was actually a large amount of cocaine.

Authorities reportedly seized approximately $36,000 in cash, various types of drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, and several weapons during their search. The 16 people who were taken into police custody are now facing charges related to sales of illegal drugs. Police claim those arrested are members of a well known drug gang in the area called the 600 Gang.

It takes a lot more than alleged association with a gang to convict a person on drug charges. Each person arrested is guaranteed the right to fight against charges in court in the hope of avoiding conviction. Although more than one person may face the same charges in court, it does not necessarily mean all outcomes will be the same. Most New York defendants understand the key role an experienced criminal defense attorney can play throughout the adjudication process. In fact, most request to speak with attorneys soon after their arrests.

Source: CBS New York, “16 Arrested; Drugs, Guns, Cash Seized In Hudson Valley Bust“, Feb. 13, 2018


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