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Drug charges against 11 in New York include trafficking

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Police say they arrested 11 men in New York who were raking in approximately $17,000 a week in a large-scale illegal drug operation. Of course, just because police allege something, doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. Those arrested in this or any other drug-related situation are guaranteed the right to defend themselves in court. Drug charges in this particular case include trafficking and conspiracy.

An indictment against the men included an astounding 273 counts. In addition to the charges mentioned earlier, illegal sale of a controlled substance was also listed. Investigators claim to have found at least $500,000 in cash during their supposed drug ring take-down on a recent Wednesday.

Prosecutors say evidence includes more than a kilogram of heroin and approximately half a kilo of cocaine. For such evidence to be valid as admissible in a trial, there must have been no violation of personal rights associated with the search and seizure process that took place. Many people in New York and elsewhere have successfully avoided convictions or walked away without ever going to trial when the court dismissed their cases on grounds of a violation of their legal rights.

One of the first things a person can do when detained by New York police officers on suspicion of a criminal offense is to request immediate legal representation. In fact, unless and until that request is fulfilled, a person under formal police investigation can invoke Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. An experienced defense attorney can provide many services to assist someone facing drug charges in this state.

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