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New York mayor asked to resign re domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Many New York residents face criminal charges at some point, although being accused of a crime is a far cry from a conviction. Especially in situations involving domestic violence allegations, the type of criminal defense presented often weighs heavily upon an ultimate outcome. Time will tell what the outcome of a particular situation will be, involving a mayor from upstate who is accused of repeated acts of domestic violence.

The mayor’s wife reportedly called 911 last month, requesting help after her husband had allegedly been physically violent toward her. She told officials that he grabbed her by the throat. The woman also claims her husband threw her to the ground and tried to damage her phone when she was trying to call for help. Since then, an investigation has been launched and several other people have made similar accusations against the mayor.

There are many times people are able to avoid conviction regarding criminal charges of domestic violence. In fact, the court often dismisses a particular case before it ever goes to trial if it determines that there is not enough evidence to warrant prosecution. It is also possible that a portion of proffered evidence may be deemed inadmissible if a defendant’s rights were found to have been violated in the events leading up to or following his or her arrest.

An attorney speaking on behalf of the mayor said his client is quite confident that the investigation will show he did nothing unlawful at any time.  Although several cases may have similar factors, it does not necessarily mean that outcomes will be identical. Anyone wishing to increase chances for avoiding domestic violence conviction may want to rely on experienced criminal defense assistance as the New York mayor in this situation is choosing to do.

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