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Search of New York residence leads to numerous drug charges for 2

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Many individuals have surveillance equipment installed at their place of residence for a variety of reasons. Although cameras can provide a certain level of protection, for someone who is accused of a crime, such equipment may be viewed as a form of paranoia or suspicion. Two individuals in New York have recently been arrested on multiple drug charges after the search of a property that was apparently under heavy surveillance.

Police assert that the residence in question has been the subject of a recent investigation in relation to local drug activity. They claim the home had an extensive surveillance system, which included cameras to track nearby movement. After eventually obtaining a search warrant, authorities apparently entered the home and allegedly uncovered the presence of various types and amounts of narcotics, including heroin.

In addition, they also claim to have seized numerous types of drug paraphernalia, several weapons and around $3,500 in cash. Both the current resident of the home and a woman who was allegedly found in the room with these items are facing numerous drug-related charges. According to reports, both currently remain in custody while awaiting court proceedings.

When facing drug charges, an accused individual might find it beneficial to seek guidance on making informed decisions throughout the process. By speaking with an attorney, a client in New York could obtain advice on the potential consequences and outcomes he or she may face. An attorney can thoroughly evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and subsequently assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances.

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