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New York legislator arrested for domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Allegations of abuse are serious in nature and carry severe penalties should a conviction be obtained. Although some domestic disputes may involve nothing more than a heated argument, others may unfortunately turn violent. Once a dispute becomes physical, causing injury to one party, the potential consequences increase significantly, especially if a minor is involved. A legislator is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend at her place of residence in New York.

According to authorities, the man was visiting the home of his girlfriend when a verbal disagreement ensued. Police claim that the dispute eventually turned violent, and upon arriving at the scene, they assert that the woman presented visible signs of injury on her neck and arms. In addition, her teenage daughter allegedly tried to step in and disrupt the incident, but was reportedly not harmed in the process.

The legislator was taken into custody and is reportedly facing multiple charges, including assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. If convicted, he would face serious penalties that could impact his life in various ways. For a person in a similar position, allegations alone can do significant harm his or her reputation within the community, which can be challenging enough on its own.

Those accused of domestic violence might wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences by challenging the charges. However, the process can be complex, and seeking assistance from a defense attorney for the road ahead may be advisable. An attorney in New York can examine the charges against a client and advise him or her on the best course of action to take moving forward.

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