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New York man facing felony drug charges

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Drug Charges |

While many states are legalizing marijuana, either medically or even recreationally, in New York, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I substance. The state’s laws surrounding drug crimes are very complex, and anyone facing felony drug charges or charges of drug possession will undoubtedly wish to seek the expert legal representation of an experienced lawyer, as felony drug charges generally carry steeper penalties than simple possession. A New York man was recently arrested on such charges involving alleged possession of a marijuana.

Police report that they stopped a vehicle for an undisclosed number of traffic violations on Friday, Feb. 10 at around 3:30 that afternoon. Officers apparently searched the vehicle, although no reason was given as to why. It was at this point that troopers claim they found over two pounds of marijuana in the man’s possession.

Officers arrested him. After his arraignment, he was taken to jail to be held in lieu of bail. He now faces not only felony criminal possession of marijuana charges and charges of unlawful possession of marijuana but also multiple vehicle and traffic violations as well.

Not only will the defendant be hoping for the best possible outcome given such serious accusations, he will doubtlessly want to ensure that his legal rights are protected. A New York criminal defense attorney with experience in similar accusations of drug crimes will be able to work with him to make sure that he is treated fairly by the legal system and that his rights are well represented. An experience defense lawyer will fight hard for the best possible outcome for anyone facing drug charges for possession of any type of illegal substance.

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