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New York man arrested for drug possession of GHB, meth, steroids

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Drug Charges |

A New York man and two others were arrested on Jan. 12 after the man’s apartment was raided by police. The 37-year-old has been accused of selling GHB, steroids and methamphetamines from his luxury apartment. He and the other two men are now facing charges of drug possession.

During the raid, police officers reportedly discovered packaging materials used for drug distribution and a scale in addition to the drugs. All of the individuals have been charged with multiple counts of drug possession. Officials say the suspected drug dealer is being held on a $3,000 bail.

This arrests follows a similar case last year when the same man was charged with drug possession in May 2017 after a 31-year-old at his apartment overdosed on GHB and died. GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyrate, is also known as a date rape drug/club drug. A central nervous system depressant, GHB purportedly creates feelings of euphoria and enhances libido, according to recreational users. However, last year, the defendant was forced to call 911 after another man at his apartment overdosed on liquid GHB and collapsed into convulsions. In this previous case, the defendant was released without bail after being arraigned on misdemeanor drug possession charges.

Though the current status of the case was not disclosed, with a history of criminal drug possession charges, the defendant will undoubtedly want to secure the services of a good attorney. A lawyer with experience in similar cases involving illegal drugs will be knowledgeable about the best defense strategies. In fact, anyone in New York who is facing similar drug charges would almost certainly benefit from the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect the accused’s legal rights and focus on achieving the best possible outcome.

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