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January 2017 Archives

2 New York men facing felony charges for fake IDs, debit cards

Two New York men were arrested on Jan. 18 after allegedly being caught by police with fake bank debit cards and forged driver's licenses. The men are now facing a number of felony charges for these and other accusations. They are currently being held in the Westchester County Jail.

New York residents facing drug charges following traffic stop

Police arrested three people in the New York city of Amsterdam when narcotics and cash were reportedly discovered hidden inside the vehicle. What began as a stop for a traffic violation turned into something far more serious as officers interviewed the driver and passengers. All three of the vehicle occupants are now facing drug charges.

New York man buys up all papers carrying stories of his DWI

People are often justifiably concerned that an accusation of driving under the influence will have a negative effect on their lives. One such mistake can, unfortunately, end up having far-reaching consequences if steps aren't taken to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. In fact, one New York man was so concerned about his DWI charges that he apparently attempted to purchase all copies of the newspaper edition that ran a story about the arrest.

New York antiquities dealer Nancy Weiner facing felony charges

Nancy Wiener, a prominent New York antiquities dealer, was arrested on Wednesday, Dec. 18 on accusations of trafficking in illegal and stolen antiquities. She is now facing felony charges of criminal possession of stolen property and conspiracy. Authorities believe that she illegally sold millions of dollars' worth of stolen artifacts obtained from international looters and smuggled into the country.

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