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August 2016 Archives

Man held in New York on out-of-state felony charges

After committing a crime, some perpetrators become fugitives and end up hiding in another state. Of course, it is a defense attorney's duty to assure that the police have the right person and have not made a mistake. If the suspect is arrested in New York on alleged felony charges filed in another state, certain protocol will kick in that will attempt to pay some deference to the state where the suspect was apprehended.

Cops accuse 2 of criminal offense of possessing stolen plaque

The respect for tradition and local history took another hit recently when a worker in a Syracuse recycling center found the broken pieces of a historic plaque honoring a Civil War era figure. The plaque had been reported stolen from a monument located in Onondaga County, and the recycling employee reported his find to the authorities. After investigating, the New York State Police then arrested two men for the criminal offense of falsifying criminal records and for criminal possession of stolen property.

Drunk driving arrest follows traffic stop for multiple tickets

Traffic stops are a leading source of DUI arrests in New York. A drunk driver may tip off the authorities by weaving between lanes or being unable to stay within one's lane. Other suspicious drunk driving moves can be made by a drunk driver. If the driving is consistent with a loss of driving reflexes or control, the police will make a traffic stop to issue a ticket.

Traffic stop results in passenger being arrested on drug charges

Drug charges and traffic stops in New York are always a situation that criminal defense counsel must investigate thoroughly. Despite a great amount of experience, some police departments persist in violating constitutional protections of individuals when they make so-called traffic violation stops that result in drug charges. There must be ample due cause, for example, for the police to search the person of a passenger in a vehicle stopped on a traffic violation.

Man gets drug charges after police chase ends on empty gas tank

If one could find a list of rules that is followed by criminal perpetrators, it would likely contain the admonition not to speed or engage in reckless driving when transporting drugs in one's vehicle. It would probably warn against engaging the police in a car chase while having a suspended driver's license and/or while one's gas tank is empty. One New York man appears to have violated all of those precepts recently while speeding on State Route 66. He was apprehended on drug charges and related offenses when his car ran out of gas in Nassau.

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