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Domestic violence charge may taint Reyes’ return to New York

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

Many couples keep their affairs private, working out their troubles–and especially their legal issues–outside the public eye. However, that is not always possible for celebrities, and Jose Reyes is one example. After being accused of domestic violence, the former New York Mets player may have a difficult time returning to his old team.

Now that the Rockies have waived the shortstop, he says he wants desperately to return to the team that raised him to stardom from the age of 16. Mets fans, however, may be the sticking point. If the team’s general manager senses that the fans will reject the former superstar because of last year’s domestic violence incident, Reyes may not get his wish.

Last fall, Reyes allegedly shoved his wife into a glass door at a Maui hotel. She reportedly suffered injuries to her legs and neck, and Reyes was arrested. The criminal charges were dropped because his wife apparently did not cooperate with the investigation, but Reyes was suspended by MLB for 52 games, losing about $7 million of income. Additionally, he was compelled to donate $100,000 dollars to a domestic violence charity and attend counseling and therapy, which he agreed to do.

Despite all this, Reyes’ reputation may still be damaged, and his career may suffer. This will be evident if fans of the Mets are not able to see past the accusations and welcome Reyes back to the team. Charges of domestic violence can have long-reaching effects and are not taken lightly. People in New York who are accused of domestic violence may seek legal counsel to make sure their rights are protected.

Source: New York Daily News, “Mets want you to think they’re debating Jose Reyes’ character“, Kristie Ackert, June 22, 2016


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