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March 2016 Archives

New criminal defense gets man released after 20 years

The innocence projects, aided by DNA evidence, have obtained the release of hundreds of prisoners who were unfairly and improperly jailed for crimes they did not commit. Exonerated prisoners have been released over the years in all states, including in New York. The interjection of a fresh and focused criminal defense and investigation into these cases has proved that the criminal justice system in America is flawed and not infallible.

Drug charges filed against 30 people arrested in Sullivan County

A drug dragnet was carried out in Sullivan County recently under the joint participation of a wide variety of federal and state officials. The New York State Police announced the raid, stating that law enforcement officers seized drugs, weapons, vehicles and cash. The drug charges filed were connected with what authorities said was a large amount of cocaine and heroin.

Police issue felony charges for 2 women who hid 2 teen girls

When it comes to their children, some parents will risk the criminal kidnapping sanctions by attempting to take their children away from a foster home or from the other parent where they have been placed by the court. The penalties from that effort are usually quick and severe, leading to even less time with their youngsters than before. In New York, two women were charged recently with felony charges for taking the two daughters of one of them and hiding them for 11 months until they were found.

Thorough investigation often key to drunk driving defense

Facing alcohol-related charges in New York does not necessarily mean that a conviction will be handed down. Every situation is different, and the events leading up to and following an arrest often contain details that may be crucial in building a strong defense against drunk driving charges. A thorough investigation may reveal that all the actions taken by law enforcement agents were not done according to regulation.

Man at train station arrested by troopers on felony charges

Some incidents taking place in a public setting or on the streets must be examined in detail prior to determining whether the accused committed a crime. Even with purported witnesses to the defendant's alleged behavior, the facts and the account of all witnesses must be thoroughly investigated and tested. That kind of in-depth process may be required for the defense of a 26-year-old man arrested by the New York State Police at the Cortlandt Train Station. Authorities charged him with felony charges of robbery and criminal mischief.

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