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February 2016 Archives

Judge nabbed on drunk driving charge enroute to courtroom duties

The news reports pertaining to drunk driving arrests throughout the nation and in New York are not lacking in depictions of prominent community figures and celebrities being arrested on DUI charges. These incidents are usually well-reported due to the extra ratings and newspaper sales that the media may enjoy when such an article hits the airwaves. Recently, a Rochester  City Court Judge was on her way to work where she was scheduled to preside over criminal court arraignments when state troopers arrested her for drunk driving.  

Former candidate arrested on gun violation felony charges

Police in Niagara Falls recently arrested a former state senate candidate on gun charges. They stopped the 26-year-old woman when she allegedly made a turn without using her turn signals. The stop led to felony charges under New York weapons laws when police found a loaded rifle, a handgun and a combat knife in the car.

Some felony charges need serious review for mistaken identity

Identity can be a crucial issue in some bank robbery prosecutions in New York and elsewhere. In some cases, the suspect is identified at a later time by a process of circumstantial evidence without establishing identity as an absolute certainty. The tendency of bank robbers to cover their faces during robberies adds to this identity problem. Due to the seriousness of the felony charges, criminal defense counsel has a duty to investigate the strength of the prosecution's identification proof thoroughly.

Drug charges follow seizure of 48 kilos of heroin in truck parts

Another major drug bust is being credited to a routine traffic stop in New York City. DEA task force members were conducting an unrelated investigation in Queens when they noticed a pickup truck and a Monster truck driving together around the same block in the Elmhurst area. Authorities say that one of the trucks was unregistered so they pulled the vehicles over, which led to the arrest of the occupants on drug charges involving one of the biggest heroin busts in New York City history.  

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