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Cops arrest man after responding to domestic violence call

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

Everyone has domestic disputes, but the law steps in when the conflict becomes threatening to the security of one or more family members. Incidents of domestic violence in New York are often reported by neighbors in response to loud noise and arguing that signifies something is extraordinarily amiss. The incident is alternatively often reported by the victim of the assaulting behavior.

These are some of the most dangerous calls for police to answer because they are stepping into the middle of a situation where emotions are most likely totally unbridled. When the police try to defuse such a conflict, emotions tend to escalate even more. A Broome County Sheriff’s deputy and a state police trooper allegedly had to confront that kind of event recently when they were called to a home in Lisle where a man had reportedly thrown his mother’s television into a wall.

When police arrived, the man allegedly resisted arrest by fighting with the trooper and also the sheriff’s deputy, according to New York State Police. He was subdued and charged with resisting arrest and fourth-degree criminal mischief, along with a charge of disorderly conduct. When taken to the Lisle Town Court, the court issued an order of protection against him.

An order of protection generally provides that the alleged violator cannot go near the domestic violence victim or contact the victim in any way. The violator can be fined and jailed if he violates the order. In this case, the order was probably a temporary ex parte order that was issued without a formal court hearing. Such orders in New York are temporary, and they remain effective until a hearing can be held. The court may issue a permanent order after a full hearing is held, or the court may dismiss the temporary order.

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