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TV star held for alleged domestic violence violations

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2014 | Domestic Violence |

A restraining order in New York is generally issued to prevent ongoing acts of physical abuse by one person against another. Usually, the two parties were in an intimate relationship, but a generic restraining order is something that does not require such a prior relationship or the existence of what is called domestic violence. Certain protection orders issued by the court are specifically granted only where the parties were in a domestic relationship — certain rules are provided that must be met to institute and to extinguish the order pertaining to domestic violence.

It’s important to remember that the domestic violence laws, and laws pertaining to restraining orders, are generally a function of state jurisdiction and enforcement. One must look to the state where the events occur for guidance on what laws may be applicable. Recently, a restraining order was allegedly violated by the star of a cable series called “Orange is the New Black.” Taryn Manning, star of the Netflix hit, was arrested for contempt for violating an existing order that precludes her from harassing her former roommate, Jeanine Heller.

It’s unclear whether this order was related to a domestic violence situation, but it has the characteristics of an ongoing domestic drama. A mutual restraining order was reportedly issued by New York authorities  in July ordering both parties to stop harassing each other with threatening text messages and emails. The proceedings were started at Manning’s request.

On Sept. 2, Heller was prosecuted for allegedly violating the order. In the current incident, it was reported that Manning was arrested for violating the order by threatening to kill Heller in certain text messages sent to her. According to the celebrity’s lawyer, however, the arrest was “voided” due to the refusal of the district attorney to pursue the charges. Manning herself supplemented her lawyer’s statement by tweeting that the media story was incorrect. Whether or not the orders were issued pursuant to the domestic violence laws, their enforcement has been rocky enough to qualify.

Source: CBS News, ““Orange Is the New Black” star Taryn Manning arrested in New York“, Nov. 20, 2014


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