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September 2014 Archives

Suspect charged with sex offenses, second man still sought

Cases of street rape are sometimes difficult for the authorities to prove due to the well-known issues of witness misidentification that may arise in some circumstances. With respect to the recent grisly story of a New York woman being raped by two successive attackers in Brooklyn on Aug. 31, one of the rapists has allegedly been identified and arrested for sex offenses. Authorities arrested the 17-year-old male on charges of sexual assault, robbery, and weapons offenses.

New York narcotics investigator arrested on felony charges

In New York, as well as other states, it's not unusual for public officials, including police officers, to be arrested and convicted of criminal violations. Depending on the severity of the violations, an official or member of the police force may lose his or her position, and in some instances a term of imprisonment may be imposed. When a police officer is arrested on felony charges, it may be particularly challenging for criminal defense counsel to defend the accused.

Dead actor's friend gets probation for drug possession charge

In New York and elsewhere, special circumstances in a criminal case can sometimes allow for an agreement with the prosecution that is much better for the defendant than the charges and potential prison sentence would indicate. It usually takes the focused efforts of an experienced defense counsel to achieve that kind of favorable outcome. It appears that such an outcome was achieved on behalf of a jazz musician friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman in a recent guilty plea to a low-level drug possession charge by the man.

Police: masseuse offering extra services guilty of sex offenses

Massage parlors are often a natural target for undercover authorities looking to make a bust for illicit sexual activities. In New York and elsewhere, oriental massages are advertised and marketed with images of attractive masseuses and relaxing reveries for the customer. Sometimes it's not easy to distinguish whether the services advertised are strictly legitimate or whether they may potentially cross the line into becoming criminal sex offenses.

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