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Correctional officer faces drug charges in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2014 | Drug Charges |

People naturally may feel as though their worlds have come to a halt when they get arrested. The accused individuals might not know where to turn for help in an effort to be cleared of the charges. Proper legal guidance can help these people to fight New York drug charges and protect their legal rights.

One man in our state was recently charged with possessing amphetamines and intending to sell them, authorities said. One of his two drug possession counts was a felony, while the other one was a misdemeanor. Based on the felony account, he is alleged to have possessed Adderall for the purpose of selling it.

According to prosecutors, the 29-year-old man reportedly purchased several Adderall pills a couple of hours before his work shift at a correctional center. However, it was not clear where he allegedly planned to sell these drugs. The man has been employed by the center since 2009 and was suspended without pay after his arrest. Officials continued to investigate the incident.

The New York drug charges must be proved by prosecutors beyond a reasonable doubt. It may be helpful for the man’s criminal defense team to learn more about what evidence prosecutors intend to offer in court in support of the accusations. The defense team can help the defendant to make an informed decision about whether to proceed to trial or entertain a plea bargain with prosecutors, should one be available. The benefits of reduced charges and/or a lesser sentence must be weighed against the perceived strength of the prosecution’s case. Should a defendant reject a plea offer, the prosecution will be required to prove each and every element of the crimes charges before an impartial court and by proof about which no reasonable doubt exists.

Source: CBS New York, “Nassau County Jail Guard Arrested On Drug Charges“, , Aug. 12, 2014

Source: CBS New York, “Nassau County Jail Guard Arrested On Drug Charges“, , Aug. 12, 2014


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