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July 2014 Archives

Felton doesn't need criminal defense, as plea deal is entered

A guilty plea to a felony gun charge most often carries a sentence of incarceration. However, there are exceptions where early negotiations between criminal defense counsel and the prosecution result in more lenient deals that are favorable to defendants who fully cooperate in the process. That is basically the outcome obtained by former New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton, who was traded to another team last month.

Brooklyn D.A. will not prosecute low-level marijuana possession

It is a time of change in New York regarding the status of the marijuana laws. Earlier in July, Governor Cuomo signed a law legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Nearly half of the states now have medical marijuana laws on the books. Additionally, right around the same time, the new district attorney in the Borough of Brooklyn announced that his office is declining to prosecute low-level marijuana possession as a crime.

Drug possession and other violations alleged against doctor

It is rare to find a criminal prosecution where a doctor is accused of writing prescriptions in the name of her patients as a subterfuge to get the drugs for herself. That is precisely what New York authorities charged a celebrity dermatologist with on July 9 in Manhattan. They arrested the doctor on charges of criminal drug possession and the criminal sale of prescription drugs.

Woman charged with drunk driving allegedly had 5 kids in car

In New York and anywhere else, drunk driving with a child in the car is a dangerous and frightening act. According to Suffolk County police, they arrested a woman from Long Island for allegedly drunk driving with five children in her car, ranging from 7 months to 8 years of age. The suspect is accused of trying to drive through a DWI checkpoint on July 6, prior to being finally pulled over by police. They charged her with DWI with a child passenger and endangering the welfare of a child pursuant to New York criminal laws.

$40 million settlement to 5 men wrongly convicted of sex offenses

Again, there is evidence that our still-revered system of criminal justice is less than ideal. Five men have been exonerated of serious crime after being wrongly convicted and serving years of imprisonment. Five New York men were cleared after they were wrongly convicted of the 1989 sex offenses and brutal physical beatings of a female known as the Central Park jogger.

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