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New York couple facing drug charges after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Drugs are a serious problem in New York. With this in mind, police may be on the lookout for a reason to be able to stop a driver and conduct a search of his or her vehicle. A simple drive to the store could turn into a legal nightmare. Drug charges can negatively impact an individual’s freedom and his or her ability to earn a living. Recently, two individuals were subject to a traffic stop and subsequently arrested for heroin and cocaine possession.

According to authorities, the two individuals were apprehended as the result of a traffic stop. After stopping them, police searched their vehicle and say they found over 200 bags of heroin and cocaine. The two were arrested and charged with drug possession as well as the intent to distribute.

Proper representation and investigation of the circumstances surrounding the charges and events that led up to them will be important in preparing a legal defense. Questions to be addressed will include whether there was a legal right to stop the car and search it. Additionally, there remains the question of who the drugs belonged to and if both parties were even aware of their presence. It must also be confirmed that the bags seized actually did contain the drugs that were identified by authorities.

Once facing drug charges in the state of New York, an individual will want to ascertain and protect his or her legal rights. Additionally, a thorough review of the evidence will need to be conducted. Although one has been charged, he or she is presumed innocent before the court, and it will be up to the prosecution to prove otherwise by evidence that the court finds relevant and competent.

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