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Man faces felony charges for alleged New York hit and run

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Felonies |

The reasons behind fleeing the scene of an accident can vary widely. From poor visibility to criminal intent, there are numerous reasons why someone proceeds to leave an accident scene. Whatever the reason may be, New York police are required to investigate the alleged hit-and-run in a fashion that allows them to find probable cause to support an arrest. If they do not find sufficient evidence, an arrest and the resulting felony charges may not stand up once a defense is presented in court.

A 48-year-old man was recently arrested in Long Island for allegedly hitting a 13-year-old girl with his vehicle shortly after midnight. The victim was believed to have sneaked out of her home to visit her grandfather. After the accident occurred, police allege the man drove away, leaving the victim in the street.

The victim was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. Meanwhile, police claimed that they had sufficient evidence to arrest the man and have charged him with a criminal offense. It is unclear at this time what evidence police claim to have to support their arrest or exactly what charges the man is facing as he has yet to appear in court to answer to the charges.

What evidence led to the arrest of this New York man on serious felony charges? At this time, police have not pointed to any specific facts that support that the man arrested is in fact the one who struck the victim. Only though the presentation of enough evidence to support the charge beyond a reasonable doubt will a conviction occur, which at this point appears to be a substantial hurdle for prosecutors and law enforcement.

Source: PIX11.com, “Arrest in deadly hit-and-run of 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome“, Samantha Tata, June 17, 2014


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