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New York barbers arrested on suspicion of sex offenses

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

There was only one barber still working at a New York barbershop when news media came to follow-up on a video of two men being arrested outside the shop. As it turns out, those two men were the 77-year-old owner and a 32-year-old man who also works as a barber in the shop. No one inside the shop would talk about the alleged sex offenses that may have taken place there.

The parents of a young Jewish boy are just now coming forward to make allegations against the two men. Supposedly, the barbershop owner and his employee lured the 16-year-old boy into the shop and molested him. It is claimed that he was lured into the shop with the promise of viewing pornography on the cellphone of one of the men.

The incident is said to have occurred back in September. The official explanation for the passage of time between the supposed incident and its reporting is that the parents were hesitant to contact police, but later concluded that they needed to come forward. Police are looking into whether there are any other young men who may have been victimized by the two arrested men.

New York City Police may be attempting to validate the alleged victim’s story. At this point, considering the passage of time, it is the word of the teenager against the two men arrested. It may be assumed that since the two men were arrested for sex offenses that police have some evidence other than the statement of the boy. However, it is possible that they were arrested based on his statement, and now, authorities are searching for additional “victims” that could strengthen the boy’s statement. If this is the case, a review of the boy’s statement and a well-prepared defense may lead to the acquittal of both men.

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