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June 2013 Archives

New York man faces felony charges for alleged kidnapping attempt

Although it can be easy to assume that a news release of a recent arrest is reporting the facts as they occurred, this is not always the case. The initial details of an arrest can be based on unreliable information, which may be questioned later on. This critical analysis can be especially important when an individual is facing felony charges in a New York court, which can bring with them serious penalties if convicted.

Mother and son nabbed on felony charges of forging prescriptions

When a mother and her son are both out at different pharmacies trying to pass forged prescriptions for oxycodone, at least it can be said that they have interests in common, or so it would seem according to police. Authorities just recently arrested a New York mother and her son on felony charges of forgery relating to oxycodone prescriptions. The alleged crimes took place nearly three years ago at Long Island pharmacies. The 54-year-old mother from Queens and her 36-year-old son of Bellerose were arrested at separate locations in New York City.

Racial disparities in marijuana arrests in New York

Individuals who possess and use marijuana in New York face the risk of being arrested for possession of illegal drugs. However, a new federal report found that black people are much more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession compared to whites.

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