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New York woman's alleged failure to dim lights led to DWI charges

A New York woman was arrested on the evening of Jan. 27 on accusations that she was driving while intoxicated. Police reports indicate that she was initially pulled over when she allegedly failed to dim her headlights. She is now facing DWI charges.

New York man buys up all papers carrying stories of his DWI

People are often justifiably concerned that an accusation of driving under the influence will have a negative effect on their lives. One such mistake can, unfortunately, end up having far-reaching consequences if steps aren't taken to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. In fact, one New York man was so concerned about his DWI charges that he apparently attempted to purchase all copies of the newspaper edition that ran a story about the arrest.

Arrested for drunk driving, she wore no pants or underwear

Drunk persons who decide to drive are occasionally found driving while wearing little or no clothing. The release of inhibitions that is famously associated with inebriation may have something to do with this phenomenon. It happened again recently in New York when police stopped a 58-year-old woman near a Niagara Falls mall for suspected drunk driving. Police allege that she was wearing no pants and no underwear.

Drunk driving arrest follows traffic stop for multiple tickets

Traffic stops are a leading source of DUI arrests in New York. A drunk driver may tip off the authorities by weaving between lanes or being unable to stay within one's lane. Other suspicious drunk driving moves can be made by a drunk driver. If the driving is consistent with a loss of driving reflexes or control, the police will make a traffic stop to issue a ticket.

Felony charges of negligent homicide lodged against mother

When parents are accused of abuse or serious neglect of their children, the criminal justice system does not generally react with pity or forgiveness. When serious injury or death results from that neglect, the penalties imposed will be severe. In one New York case recently a mother residing in the Hudson Valley has been charged with the felony charges of criminally negligent homicide in the death of her 10-month-old baby.

Investigating the process of drunk driving arrests in New York

Choosing to imbibe alcohol, then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is usually not a good decision. Depending on one's blood alcohol content, it could also be against the law. Drunk driving continues to be problematic in New York and other states. 

Aggravated DWI can be a felony charge in New York

In New York it is a particularly egregious offense to be driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 16 as a passenger. This is popularly called Leandra's Law, which was passed in 2009 in memory of an 11-year-old girl who was killed while a passenger in a car driven by a DWI operator who lost control of her vehicle. The law provides for a punishment of up to four years in prison, even if the defendant is a first time offender.

Thorough investigation often key to drunk driving defense

Facing alcohol-related charges in New York does not necessarily mean that a conviction will be handed down. Every situation is different, and the events leading up to and following an arrest often contain details that may be crucial in building a strong defense against drunk driving charges. A thorough investigation may reveal that all the actions taken by law enforcement agents were not done according to regulation.

Judge nabbed on drunk driving charge enroute to courtroom duties

The news reports pertaining to drunk driving arrests throughout the nation and in New York are not lacking in depictions of prominent community figures and celebrities being arrested on DUI charges. These incidents are usually well-reported due to the extra ratings and newspaper sales that the media may enjoy when such an article hits the airwaves. Recently, a Rochester  City Court Judge was on her way to work where she was scheduled to preside over criminal court arraignments when state troopers arrested her for drunk driving.  

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