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Police: woman hit 5 pedestrians, drunk driving charges filed

According to New York authorities, a 34-year-old Brooklyn woman had two suspended licenses when she drove erratically and crashed near Herald Square recently. She had a suspended driver's license and a suspended law license. She was arrested on a string of charges, including drunk driving, after she allegedly drove her Mustang convertible onto the sidewalk, hitting and injuring five pedestrians, and crashing into a storefront.

Woman charged with drunk driving two times in three hours

It may be reasonably argued that zombies should not be allowed to drive. Over the Halloween season, however, that rule is widely and jovially flouted. Police arrested a woman dressed and made-up as a zombie in upstate New York at 2 a.m. on Oct. 25. She was pulled over and charged with drunk driving after being spotted driving without headlights.

New York man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

It does not matter how safe of a driver a person is or how clear their driving record may be, there are often circumstances that are difficult to compensate for. For example, driving in the dark in the early morning hours could reduce a person's visibility, resulting in an accident. Although the cause of an accident in New York is unclear at this time, the driver has already been charged with drunk driving.

How could a DUI affect my future employment in New York?

Those who face DUI charges here in New York likely know the seriousness of their situation. What many people may not be aware of is that a DUI conviction -- or even just a charge -- can affect other facets of their lives as well. For instance, many employers will conduct a background check as part of a precursor to employment. A drunk driving offense on one’s record has the potential to affect that, but knowing precisely how that happens may help those who are affected.

Woman charged with drunk driving allegedly had 5 kids in car

In New York and anywhere else, drunk driving with a child in the car is a dangerous and frightening act. According to Suffolk County police, they arrested a woman from Long Island for allegedly drunk driving with five children in her car, ranging from 7 months to 8 years of age. The suspect is accused of trying to drive through a DWI checkpoint on July 6, prior to being finally pulled over by police. They charged her with DWI with a child passenger and endangering the welfare of a child pursuant to New York criminal laws.

SUV driver faces DWI charge after striking bicyclist in crosswalk

When New York drivers face drunk driving charges, they likely recognize the devastating consequences that the charges could have on their futures. Fortunately, every accused motorist has the right to have his or her interests protected in a court of law. A 21-year-old man pleaded not guilty to a DWI charge recently.

Citizen blockade results in drunk driving arrest

In an interesting turn of events in the western part of New York, a group of citizens participated in a vehicular blockade that resulted in a drunk driving arrest. Police say that several people noticed a driver displaying signs of erratic driving or possible drunk driving. According to the police report, the driver actually made contact with another vehicle before he was arrested.

DUI defense needed for New York man

Alcohol may not mix well with operating a vehicle after consumption. Sometimes, however, people feel that they can handle their alcohol and then decide to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. This combination of being impaired and trying to drive can result in needing a DUI defense if caught. A New York man recently got himself arrested after allegedly driving while intoxicated and causing an accident.

Driving while intoxicated may be cause of horrific New York crash

Alcohol may be a legal substance to consume, but driving after its consumption is not. Driving while intoxicated can cause severe accidents that result in injuries and even death for those involved. A recent New York accident that resulted in both death and injuries may have been caused by a drunk driver.

New York man facing charges of driving while intoxicated

Many criminal and driving while intoxicated cases are heard daily in our court system. Sadly, many of these cases include tragic situations such as a recent one involving a man and a toddler. Following what has been described as a terrible accident, A New York man is facing charges of driving while intoxicated.

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