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Drug Charges Archives

Former New York high school star athlete facing drug charges

A former New York high school athlete was arrested on Dec. 18, along with the driver of the car in which he was a passenger. Police stopped the vehicle at around 6 p.m. that Saturday, and a search of the car is said to have turned up a variety of illegal substances. Both men are now facing drug charges.

New York man facing charges of drug possession for cocaine, PCP

A New York man is facing drug charges after he was taken into custody on Thursday, Dec. 1. The 48-year-old Riverhead individual was arrested in Riverside for drug possession. What started as a traffic violation quickly escalated into something more serious.

New York teen charged with drug possession

A police officer who was patrolling a park in Westchester County says he saw a vehicle he characterized as suspicious. Upon investigation, the officer claims he found the occupant of the car, a New York teen, to be in possession of several illegal substances, including LSD, cocaine and marijuana. The youth, a resident of Croton-on-Hudson, is charged with drug possession.

Postal service worker tip leads to drug possession charge

Every day the U.S. Postal Service processes a variety of letters and packages. Many of these packages contain products that individuals have ordered or gifts being sent to loved ones; however, at times, these packages contain items that should not be shipped. One example of this was recently discovered in Geneseo, New York, when a postal service worker smelled an odd odor coming from a package. The recipient of that package, as well as several others, has now been charged with drug possession.

2 men nabbed on pot growing drug charges in separate incidents

New York continues to provide mixed signals on whether it is ratcheting down the war against drugs or escalating it. It seems excessive, in light of shifting public policy, for police to arrest people on drug charges, including a felony, for growing some backyard variety of marijuana plants. That is exactly what New York state troopers did recently when they arrested at least two residents of the town of Dover in separate incidents for allegedly growing marijuana.

Drug charges lodged against 13 who attended Last Daze concert

Whenever there is a music festival in upstate New York, one can expect to see some arrests for generally minor legal violations. The latest such festival, the Last Daze of Summer, took place recently in Oswego County. State troopers reportedly flooded the area around the festival, waiting for trouble, and they ultimately satisfied their expectations by arresting 13 people on a variety of drug charges.

Traffic stop results in passenger being arrested on drug charges

Drug charges and traffic stops in New York are always a situation that criminal defense counsel must investigate thoroughly. Despite a great amount of experience, some police departments persist in violating constitutional protections of individuals when they make so-called traffic violation stops that result in drug charges. There must be ample due cause, for example, for the police to search the person of a passenger in a vehicle stopped on a traffic violation.

Man gets drug charges after police chase ends on empty gas tank

If one could find a list of rules that is followed by criminal perpetrators, it would likely contain the admonition not to speed or engage in reckless driving when transporting drugs in one's vehicle. It would probably warn against engaging the police in a car chase while having a suspended driver's license and/or while one's gas tank is empty. One New York man appears to have violated all of those precepts recently while speeding on State Route 66. He was apprehended on drug charges and related offenses when his car ran out of gas in Nassau.

Traffic stop leads to woman's arrest on drug charges

When a drug arrest in New York starts out as a traffic stop, defense counsel will always want to know about the details of the stop, the police interrogation, the search and the seizure. That is because a law enforcement officer may not stop a car on the highway unless there is a valid reason to make the stop, such as for a speeding violation. If the initial stop is invalid, drug charges may be subject to a motion to dismiss or for suppression of evidence.  

Routine inspection leads to arrest of 2 on drug charges

When a New York governmental agency is properly inspecting a business premises as part of a routine government function, anything it observes in plain site may become the subject of further criminal investigation. It may be more accurate to say that anything that the agency observes in the proper course of its inspection may be reported to law enforcement authorities for further investigation. A New York Department of Taxation and Finance inspection was being randomly conducted recently when officials spotted drugs, and the discovery eventually resulted in the arrest of two persons on drug charges.  

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