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Teen charged with domestic violence murder of 5-year-old cousin

Reports of missing children sometimes turn out to be bogus. In upstate New York, Albany County authorities say that they received a report from a 19-year-old female that her five-year-old cousin was taken forcefully from her by two masked men on Dec. 18. Police deemed the report false after a K-9 unit found the child dead under a nearby pile of snow. The woman's arrest for second degree murder may carry allegations of some kind of domestic violence inflicted on the boy to cause his death.

TV star held for alleged domestic violence violations

A restraining order in New York is generally issued to prevent ongoing acts of physical abuse by one person against another. Usually, the two parties were in an intimate relationship, but a generic restraining order is something that does not require such a prior relationship or the existence of what is called domestic violence. Certain protection orders issued by the court are specifically granted only where the parties were in a domestic relationship -- certain rules are provided that must be met to institute and to extinguish the order pertaining to domestic violence.

EMT worker held in domestic violence probe on weapons charges

Granted that the authorities and the defense usually see the facts from two different prisms. But can the chasm be this wide? The police recently arrested an EMT employee at his Brooklyn home where they found an alleged arsenal of guns and two pipe bombs. The New York man's counsel told the court that these were mostly props, inoperable guns and two cylindrical fireworks mistaken by police to be pipe bombs. The police had been called to the home by the man's wife on domestic violence allegations.

Accusations of domestic violence can be damning for New York man

Having a child is one of the most precious gifts to most people, while others may find that having a child can be a challenge that they may not be up to. Regardless of whether the parent feels that they are capable of raising a child, no child deserves to be abused in any manner. On the other hand, parents accused of domestic violence against their children may not actually be abusing their children, and the accusations can make life difficult for them. A man in New York has recently been questioned in the death of his young son with domestic abuse being cited as the underlying cause of death.

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