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New York man is arrested and faces felony drunk driving charges

A person who is accused of a felony might find the subsequent process to be stressful and intimidating. Felony crimes have severe penalties that can have a devastating effect on a person's future. A man could be facing similar challenges after he was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving and possession of marijuana following a traffic stop in New York.

Failure to signal leads to drunk driving charges in New York

Countless individuals have been arrested following accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol. Determining intoxication can be a delicate process, especially with numerous issues, such as medical conditions, often exhibiting similar signs. Unfortunately, drunk driving is often the initial assumption of arresting officers. A man has recently been arrested following allegations of driving under the influence in New York.

Prior DWI convictions may complicate future defense in New York

A record of previous related convictions may complicate matters for individuals facing new charges. For example, a New York man was recently charged with DWAI Drugs when a police search supposedly revealed a prior DWI conviction. Following what was supposed to be a traffic stop, the man was placed under arrest for this class E felony.

New York woman facing drunk driving charges after crash into pole

Without all the details, it can be difficult to ascertain the truth of any situation. Take, for example, a recent case in New York of a woman who accidentally crashed her car. Police arrested her for alleged drunk driving, but the article makes no mention of any details to corroborate that fact.

New York woman's alleged failure to dim lights led to DWI charges

A New York woman was arrested on the evening of Jan. 27 on accusations that she was driving while intoxicated. Police reports indicate that she was initially pulled over when she allegedly failed to dim her headlights. She is now facing DWI charges.

New York man buys up all papers carrying stories of his DWI

People are often justifiably concerned that an accusation of driving under the influence will have a negative effect on their lives. One such mistake can, unfortunately, end up having far-reaching consequences if steps aren't taken to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. In fact, one New York man was so concerned about his DWI charges that he apparently attempted to purchase all copies of the newspaper edition that ran a story about the arrest.

Arrested for drunk driving, she wore no pants or underwear

Drunk persons who decide to drive are occasionally found driving while wearing little or no clothing. The release of inhibitions that is famously associated with inebriation may have something to do with this phenomenon. It happened again recently in New York when police stopped a 58-year-old woman near a Niagara Falls mall for suspected drunk driving. Police allege that she was wearing no pants and no underwear.

Drunk driving arrest follows traffic stop for multiple tickets

Traffic stops are a leading source of DUI arrests in New York. A drunk driver may tip off the authorities by weaving between lanes or being unable to stay within one's lane. Other suspicious drunk driving moves can be made by a drunk driver. If the driving is consistent with a loss of driving reflexes or control, the police will make a traffic stop to issue a ticket.

Felony charges of negligent homicide lodged against mother

When parents are accused of abuse or serious neglect of their children, the criminal justice system does not generally react with pity or forgiveness. When serious injury or death results from that neglect, the penalties imposed will be severe. In one New York case recently a mother residing in the Hudson Valley has been charged with the felony charges of criminally negligent homicide in the death of her 10-month-old baby.

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