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Sweeping bust: 72 people face drug charges

The New York State Police recently announced a massive drug sweep that took place in Upstate's Onondaga and Oswego counties, which includes Syracuse and its surroundings. After an 11-month investigation, authorities say that they have indicted over 72 people on drug charges, all of whom were allegedly involved in the heroin and cocaine trade in those locations. They say that they seized over 10,750 small bags filled with heroin that were ready to sell on the street.

Drug charges filed against 30 people arrested in Sullivan County

A drug dragnet was carried out in Sullivan County recently under the joint participation of a wide variety of federal and state officials. The New York State Police announced the raid, stating that law enforcement officers seized drugs, weapons, vehicles and cash. The drug charges filed were connected with what authorities said was a large amount of cocaine and heroin.

Drug charges follow seizure of 48 kilos of heroin in truck parts

Another major drug bust is being credited to a routine traffic stop in New York City. DEA task force members were conducting an unrelated investigation in Queens when they noticed a pickup truck and a Monster truck driving together around the same block in the Elmhurst area. Authorities say that one of the trucks was unregistered so they pulled the vehicles over, which led to the arrest of the occupants on drug charges involving one of the biggest heroin busts in New York City history.  

Police group calls for fewer arrests on nonviolent drug charges

A promising new movement has been formed from the ranks of influential police and law enforcement officers nationwide. The group consists of more than 130 chiefs of police, prosecutors and sheriffs who have stepped forward to confirm their agreement that the country has gone overboard on incarcerating nonviolent offenders and those incarcerated for drug charges. New York City Police Chief William J. Bratton is a member of the prominent group.

Annual search harvests 1 arrest for marijuana possession

New York authorities continue to pour valuable resources into hunting down and arresting marijuana growers. The Seneca County Sheriff's Office recently conducted its annual operation to locate and destroy illegal marijuana growing sites. They were assisted by the New York State Police, New York Environmental Conservation Police and the Seneca County Probation Department. They arrested one man and charged him with felony marijuana possession and misdemeanor unlawful growing of marijuana.

Village police chief arrested on felony drug charges

Another law enforcement officer has joined the long list of public officers charged with illegal drug possession or sales within the past few years. This time it is the 52-year-old male police chief of the village of Portville who has been arrested on drug charges. The New York State Police charged the man with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled drug and fifth-degree criminal sale of a controlled drug, which are both felonies. They charged him also with the misdemeanor of official misconduct.

Marijuana possession arrests downplayed by 3-term Albany D.A.

Some New York prosecutors are recognizing the futility of continuing to treat marijuana enforcement as a priority. They believe that such a policy simply serves to divert significant resources from battling the growing epidemic of heroin. In the capital region, the Albany County District Attorney recently announced that low-level marijuana possession arrests serve to divert resources away from the deadly heroin plague spreading through the area. The announcement that the county will back-pedal on small marijuana arrests came on the heels of more reports confirming that blacks account for the vast majority of all pot arrests statewide.  

Hit and run suspect surrenders, faces several felony charges

In New York, manslaughter of the second degree is a felony that involves causing another's death by reckless behavior. Schenectady police arrested a 41-year-old man for that offense on Monday, Aug. 17, and for several other felony charges and misdemeanor offenses. The charges arose out of events occurring the previous Friday evening when the man allegedly hit two pedestrians in two separate incidents only minutes apart, and left the scene in both cases.

Former state senate leader gets 7 years on felony charges

It may be said that a politician who uses corruption to get elected to an office will be well qualified to corrupt the office itself once elected. That was part of the general message conveyed to former state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith by a federal judge who sentenced Smith to seven years of incarceration recently in a federal district court. The unusual aspect of the felony charges against the defendant was that he tried to use bribery and promises of funding to get support from other politicians for his campaign for mayor of New York City in 2013.

Annual FolkFest marred by numerous arrests on drug charges

Oswego County authorities and the New York State Police cooperated in busting at least 14 persons for possessing and/or selling various illegal drugs at the annual FolkFest music festival held May 21 through May 24. Those arrested were mostly New York residents who ranged in age from 20 through 55. The county district attorney held a news conference to inform the public and the press regarding the several different drug charges that were filed.

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