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New York men are facing felony charges for possible fraud

Several New York men have been arrested for possible credit card fraud and now face felony charges. Police believe that the credit card scheme is widespread. The men were caught when they were stopped by law enforcement on the interstate. Police allegedly found evidence of the credit card scheme in the vehicle before the men were arrested and given felony charges.

Man to defend possible homicide felony charges in New York

When someone is killed in an accident, it is tragic for the person's family and friends. However, when a person is killed at the deliberate hands of another, it can leave the victim's family feeling anger as well. However, the family of the victim is not the only family affected; the alleged assailant's family is also impacted. One New York family may be on the verge of feeling the aftermath of an unfortunate situation that may result in felony charges for their loved one.

Knockout game gets a New York man felony charges for assault

There are games that people play to have fun, but some games can be a bit out of line. A recent report of a game called the "Knockout Game" got a man arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanor and felony charges. These types of games are obviously not legal in New York, and the person or people responsible may not have considered the consequences.

Investigation may lead to New York criminal offense charges

Wreckage from the recent Metro-North crash may soon be out of sight, but for those involved, it will most likely never be out of mind. For the many victims, including the engineer who is now the main focus of the investigations, the incident will be especially hard not to think about on a daily basis. The New York train crash could lead to the engineer possibly being charged with a criminal offense.

Strong criminal defense needed for New York man

Criminal law understandably does not condone abuse and battery. Assault is a criminal offense that is punishable under New York law statutes. This is especially true when it is against an officer of the law. A man was recently arrested after an early morning fight broke out outside a restaurant in Brooklyn and now he may need criminal defense for his upcoming court dates.

Former New York surgeon accepts plea deal for felony charges

Last week, a former orthopedic surgeon accepted a plea deal in his health care fraud case. The man had been arrested and accused of felony charges of health care fraud as well as other charges. His sentencing is in March, and the New York surgeon faces up to 10 years in prison under the terms of his plea deal.

New York man faces felony charges for double homicide

A man who New York police believe may have been involved in a double homicide that occurred last week has been arrested and is now facing multiple charges in relation to his alleged crimes. The man is accused of shooting two men on the street in East New York. The man faces felony charges of murder as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

New York teenagers facing felony charges over chips and candy

New York residents may be used to hearing about unusual stories through various media outlets that result in felony charges. It may not be often that a story involving teenagers and a vending machine results in felony charges though. However, a recent story involving teenagers and a vending machine has done just that.

New York airport employees face felony charges

Citizen complaints are the lifeblood of many investigations. The initial complaint will give New York investigators a tip as to alleged criminal activity that is going on, which can then stem into a full on investigation if the evidence warrants. However, in some cases, the felony charges that initiate from citizen complaints are the result of the detective work of those not in law enforcement, as was the case in a recent arrest of seven individuals.

Felony charges filed against New York City police officer

Aug. 4, 2012, may be a day that one New York City police officer wishes he could go back and do over. On that day, the officer arrested a photographer from the New York Times for taking pictures during the arrest of a teenager that was believed to have been involved in a fight. The officer is now facing felony charges in connection with his arrest of that photographer.

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