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Man is arrested in New York as a suspect in alleged sex offenses

No type of sexual assault is ever okay. These crimes can sometimes be particularly heinous; however, the false accusation of such sex offenses can sometimes be worse. Just because there is an accusation of a sexual assault does not mean that the person accused is automatically guilty. A man was recently arrested as a suspect in a New York rape investigation.

New York man faces life sentence for his alleged sex offenses

Committing a sexual crime is something that can often carry a life-long burden. It is basically like putting a target on one's back for all future offenses, should there be any. A New York man is currently behind bars and awaiting a trial for apparently failing to register himself after being charged for his alleged sex offenses.

Singer faces multiples sex offenses in New York

New York residents may be used to reading about sex offenses in the newspaper or other media outlets. Sex offenses are obviously serious charges that are treated as such in the court system. A recent story involving a fairly well-known singer has made headlines after he is now facing rape and attempted rape charges.

New York barbers arrested on suspicion of sex offenses

There was only one barber still working at a New York barbershop when news media came to follow-up on a video of two men being arrested outside the shop. As it turns out, those two men were the 77-year-old owner and a 32-year-old man who also works as a barber in the shop. No one inside the shop would talk about the alleged sex offenses that may have taken place there.

Professor accused of sex offenses with 15-year-old

Criminal law enforcement regularly imposes an enormous toll of punishment and personal disgrace upon a parade of highly respected professionals who are astonishingly caught in a wide variety of human weaknesses. The latest example of such a downfall occurred when New York State Police arrested a professor from a neighboring state who they say crossed state lines and had sexual contact with a 15-year-old teenager. The professor is charged with the sex offenses of third-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child, according to state police authorities.

New York gets new courts for prostitution-related sex offenses

With an increasing focus nationally on the problem of human trafficking and sex trafficking of under-age children who've been victimized, the state is creating an ambitious and ground-breaking program. It's a statewide system of specialized criminal courts in New York to handle prostitution-related sex offenses. The idea is to steer young victims away from a life of repetitive exploitation and arrest and into treatment services that offer a pathway to social integration.

New York man accused of sex offenses has record of prior crimes

When an individual has been accused of sex offenses, regardless of whether or not those accusations are true, he or she will face intense criticism from employers, from the community, and from non-supportive family members. Also should a New York resident have one or more convictions relating to sex offenses on his or her criminal record, police may be eager to accuse the person a second time. Sometimes the charges brought against an alleged sex offender are factually and legally unfounded and they can be challenged or thrown out by way of a strategic criminal defense.

Sex offenders in New York more likely to be homeless

Convicted sex offenders in New York are more likely to be homeless than in the past, and state officials are having a difficult time trying to find housing for these offenders. New York is required to find housing for anyone residing in their state but when it comes to convicted sex offenders, officials cannot always find suitable housing, leaving many to live on the streets.

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