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State Senate leader charged with criminal offense by feds

It appears that the job of legislation is being upended by the scandals of corruption in Albany. The majority leader of the New York Senate, Dean G. Skelos, and his son are widely expected to be arrested by federal prosecutors in the few days. They will be charged with the criminal offense of public corruption under federal law.

Sex offenses charged against man for online communications

In the traditional way of framing criminal offenses, a crime like attempted  rape would be based on at least some physical contact between the suspect and the victim. Typically, the attempt to rape would have failed for some reason and penetration would have been prevented or aborted, thus justifying a charge of attempt. In New York and elsewhere, the modern way of looking at such sex offenses appears to have taken on an added dimension: the authorities have extended the scope of attempt so that there is no need to have physical contact at all.

Popular teacher arrested for sex offenses and other charges

A clever mobile phone app allows people to send a photo that disappears on the recipient's unit after a few seconds. It's apparently a favored method to send nude or other insensitive pictures without proof that it was done. However, one young woman this past June disrupted that popular image. She took a screen picture to preserve the photo, and in the aftermath of an ensuing investigation, the 44-year-old New York teacher who sent it is now under arrest on 36 criminal charges, including a number of sex offenses.

International cyber ring hit with felony charges by authorities

The Manhattan District Attorney has announced the arrest of what he indicates is a significant group of international hackers who allegedly broke into the databases of a major ticket exchange. In all, seven people scattered in different countries have been arrested for allegedly accessing 1,600 accounts on StubHub, the online entertainment and sporting events ticket exchange. In New York, the two men arrested are facing felony charges of money laundering, identity theft, possessing stolen property, and grand larceny.

71 arrested in NYC and suburbs on child pornography sex offenses

Child pornography has reached “epidemic proportions, according to a Homeland Security official who coordinated a federal investigation into the criminal activity over the past year or so. He held a news conference in New York City to announce the arrest of 71 persons on sex offenses relating to possession and trading of child pornography. The arrests occurred in the four boroughs, Long Island and areas outside of New York.

Sex offenses charged against New York State Police investigator

The police nationwide appear to be focusing on arresting those who download and trade child pornography on the Internet. Arrests occur daily throughout the country and in New York. The suspects arrested are not those who direct, produce and film child porn. They are persons who download and view the materials. Thus, it is rarely reported that anyone has been arrested for the sex offenses of producing or filming child porn, instead the vast majority of arrests are of those who download the materials on the Internet.

New York men are facing felony charges for possible fraud

Several New York men have been arrested for possible credit card fraud and now face felony charges. Police believe that the credit card scheme is widespread. The men were caught when they were stopped by law enforcement on the interstate. Police allegedly found evidence of the credit card scheme in the vehicle before the men were arrested and given felony charges.

Man is arrested in New York as a suspect in alleged sex offenses

No type of sexual assault is ever okay. These crimes can sometimes be particularly heinous; however, the false accusation of such sex offenses can sometimes be worse. Just because there is an accusation of a sexual assault does not mean that the person accused is automatically guilty. A man was recently arrested as a suspect in a New York rape investigation.

Investigation may lead to New York criminal offense charges

Wreckage from the recent Metro-North crash may soon be out of sight, but for those involved, it will most likely never be out of mind. For the many victims, including the engineer who is now the main focus of the investigations, the incident will be especially hard not to think about on a daily basis. The New York train crash could lead to the engineer possibly being charged with a criminal offense.

New York airport employees face felony charges

Citizen complaints are the lifeblood of many investigations. The initial complaint will give New York investigators a tip as to alleged criminal activity that is going on, which can then stem into a full on investigation if the evidence warrants. However, in some cases, the felony charges that initiate from citizen complaints are the result of the detective work of those not in law enforcement, as was the case in a recent arrest of seven individuals.

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