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Criminal defense needed for 62 kids arrested in school raid

When close to 100 kids are accused of breaking into their high school and engaging in a variety of malicious actions, including urinating in the hallways, it's unlikely that the defense that it's a yearly prank will hold much legal water. Unfortunately, 24 of the 60 or more students arrested are over 18 and subject to prosecution as an adult under New York law. Each defendant will want to obtain criminal defense counsel and determine, with great detail, to what extent there are viable defenses and mitigating circumstances that can help them out. There are questions of criminal intent, for example, that may conceivably serve to mitigate, if not dismiss, the charges.

New York teenagers facing felony charges over chips and candy

New York residents may be used to hearing about unusual stories through various media outlets that result in felony charges. It may not be often that a story involving teenagers and a vending machine results in felony charges though. However, a recent story involving teenagers and a vending machine has done just that.

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