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Man charged with criminal offense after allegedly stabbing woman

Crimes occur every single day here in New York and throughout the rest of the country. In some cases, it is quite clear who the suspect is and who will be charged with a criminal offense. In other cases, it may not be quite as clear, and an innocent person might be accused of a crime that he or she did not commit. A 57-year-old man was recently charged with second-degree attempted murder in Broome County.

Teen charged with domestic violence murder of 5-year-old cousin

Reports of missing children sometimes turn out to be bogus. In upstate New York, Albany County authorities say that they received a report from a 19-year-old female that her five-year-old cousin was taken forcefully from her by two masked men on Dec. 18. Police deemed the report false after a K-9 unit found the child dead under a nearby pile of snow. The woman's arrest for second degree murder may carry allegations of some kind of domestic violence inflicted on the boy to cause his death.

TSA supervisor charged with sex offenses involving minors

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. It is engaged in ensuring the security of travelers in the United States. Recently, a TSA screening supervisor was arrested in New York and charged with sex offenses with a minor in a foreign country.

EMT worker held in domestic violence probe on weapons charges

Granted that the authorities and the defense usually see the facts from two different prisms. But can the chasm be this wide? The police recently arrested an EMT employee at his Brooklyn home where they found an alleged arsenal of guns and two pipe bombs. The New York man's counsel told the court that these were mostly props, inoperable guns and two cylindrical fireworks mistaken by police to be pipe bombs. The police had been called to the home by the man's wife on domestic violence allegations.

New York DMV worker mounts criminal defense against abuse charges

The process of earning a driver's license is often a nerve-racking one. People across the country, of all ages, work to earn the important piece of plastic that allows drivers to legally operate a vehicle on public roadways. As a result, the government employs thousands of workers to ensure that those seeking a license are deserving of the responsibility. However, one of those workers in New York is now mounting a criminal defense after he was charged with sexual abuse during two separate driving tests.

New York barbers arrested on suspicion of sex offenses

There was only one barber still working at a New York barbershop when news media came to follow-up on a video of two men being arrested outside the shop. As it turns out, those two men were the 77-year-old owner and a 32-year-old man who also works as a barber in the shop. No one inside the shop would talk about the alleged sex offenses that may have taken place there.

Alleged prank of 2 New York teenagers nets felony charges

The public often appears quick to judge when criminal allegations are brought against New York citizens, and even more so if the charges brought are felony charges. The judicial system can be very confusing, especially for juveniles. Even if they are not proven guilty of the felony charges that are alleged, being thrown into the criminal system can be a life-changing event.

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