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Knocked unconscious? You could still fully recover

One of the main questions people who suffer severe concussions or who are taking care of people with concussions ask is if they are going to recover. There is no guarantee that anyone will fully recover from any kind of brain injury, but when being knocked unconscious is part of the process, then the likelihood of recovery could be reduced.

Is whiplash a dangerous injury, and is an exam necessary?

You knew that you were hurt after you were involved in a crash, because you immediately had a headache and pains you couldn't explain. After a trip to the hospital, you found out that you had severe whiplash from the head-on crash you'd been in.

If a tire comes loose, whose fault is it?

You were traveling on a highway when you felt some unusual vibrations. Then, only a few moments later, you realized that you were struggling to control your vehicle. As you started losing control, you saw your tire flying away from your vehicle toward oncoming traffic.

Why is speeding such a dangerous action?

One of the most common causes of crashes in New York is speeding. Speeding is pretty common, and it would be rare to meet anyone who could say that they've never done it. Whether you're late for a meeting or trying to rush to get to lunch with a friend, speeding is something that just happens.

New York's statistics show motorcyclists are at risk of injuries

In the latest study available, the New York State Department of Health reported that motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of death and injuries in the state. Between 2012 and 2014, around 1,098 people died annually in these collisions. Another 12,093 ended up having to be hospitalized. Overall, 136,913 people visited emergency departments because of their injuries.

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