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Safe driving tips for driving in winter weather

Winter doesn't even begin for another few weeks, yet there have already been record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall this year. As we prepare for what the season holds, it can be helpful for us to re-educate ourselves on ways to adapt to driving among ever-changing weather conditions. Here are some rules to remember:

Proving who was to blame for a crash isn't easy

With any type of accident, whether involving a motorcycle, pedestrian, bike or car, there's generally one party that can be pointed to as being responsible for having caused it. Even in a no-fault state like New York, proving who was to blame for causing a collision can impact how much in compensation you're entitled to if you suffer serious injuries in a crash.

Passenger cars are often less safe than trucks in a crash

If you ask most drivers who is likelier to get killed in a crash between a passenger car and a truck, most would likely respond that the person operating the former would be less apt to survive. Would you know what to say when asked why this is the case though?

Motorists should be even more cautious in school zones

You've likely noticed many more buses or parents with children in the back seats of their cars recently as school is getting back into session once again. It can always be helpful to get a refresher in about how to keep our kids safe out on the roadways.

What should I do at an accident scene to preserve evidence?

Finding yourself involved in an accident, whether you were the at-fault driver or not, can be very stressful. Even the most minor of accidents can lead to injuries for anyone involved. If you are the cause of a car crash in Mahopac, New York, you will want to do everything possible to defend yourself. This might include preserving the evidence at the scene that could get you off the hook.

Injuries caused by Mahopac car accidents

Each time you get behind the wheel in Mahopac, you have to think about safety. It might not be at the forefront of your mind all the time, but the thoughts need to cross your mind at least once or twice. Staying safe when on the road is vital to your health and to your life. You don't want to be involved in an avoidable accident. Then there are accidents that are completely unavoidable and they can cause some serious injuries.

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