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How could a DUI affect my future employment in New York?

Those who face DUI charges here in New York likely know the seriousness of their situation. What many people may not be aware of is that a DUI conviction -- or even just a charge -- can affect other facets of their lives as well. For instance, many employers will conduct a background check as part of a precursor to employment. A drunk driving offense on one’s record has the potential to affect that, but knowing precisely how that happens may help those who are affected.

Plea deal offered to young man in New York fatal DUI crash

A young driver that police believe to have been driving while intoxicated has recently been offered a plea deal in relation to his involvement in an accident that occurred in June in which two people were killed. New York police believe that the young man caused the accident because he was DUI. The young man is also facing charges for allegedly leaving the scene of the accident.

New York woman accused of felony DUI under Leandra's Law

A police officer in New York spotted a car speeding and moving erratically. When he pulled the car over, the woman behind the wheel did not produce a driver's license, but did give the officer a name. Ultimately, it was determined that the name she gave was her daughter's name and the 7-year-old in the car was her granddaughter. Since the woman was also suspected of drunk driving, she has been charged with felony DUI under Leandra's Law in addition to several other offenses arising from the traffic stop.

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