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Teens, avoid shopping with friends who steal

Imagine going shopping with a friend. You might know that they have a history of shoplifting, but you wouldn't think that would affect you personally. Unfortunately, if they get caught and you're with them, then you could be accused of participating in that theft as well.

Withdrawing a guilty plea is possible in some cases

It's not usually advisable to plead guilty to a crime or to admit that you did something wrong, but some people believe that saying they are guilty will help them protect themselves against serious penalties. The reality could not be further from that. In fact, pleading guilty could make it easier for the prosecution to get a conviction and to ask for more significant penalties.

These 4 kinds of defenses could help fight a DUI

Though there are many ways that an attorney can help you fight a DWI charge, it's important that the right technique is used in your defense. Depending on the reason for the traffic stop and the factors that played a role in the DWI, certain defense options may be better than others.

Accused of driving dangerously while drunk? Learn your options

You didn't think that you had done anything wrong, but an officer pulled you over and claimed you had been weaving in and out of traffic. They started accusing you of racing another vehicle that had been driving the same route in the next lane. You had no idea what the officer was talking about.

What are some good reasons to work with a defense attorney?

You know that the fact that you're facing a criminal charge is serious, so you've looked into working with an attorney. You also know that you have the potential to represent yourself, which costs less and, you believe, is a possible option.

What do you do if you accidentally shoplifted and were caught?

You didn't intend to be where you are now, facing criminal charges for a crime you didn't even plan on committing. The store you went into has a strict policy for pursing shoplifters, but you didn't mean to shoplift. You were carrying around items you want to try on, and you had tried on some. You picked up those items to put them back and forgot about one that was slung over your bag. Now, you're facing charges and are frustrated with the entire situation.

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